After living together in Toronto for 4 years, we were married in 2012. Our wedding was featured in Weddingbells Magazine; you can see it here. In the summer of 2014, after a perspective-changing visit to the south of France, we examined our urban lives, and decided that we could better align ourselves with our values if we moved to the country, and worked for ourselves. In November of 2014, we made the leap, and moved to Bonniespring to live on the homestead farm that had once belonged to Darcy?s great grandparents. We came here to found a business that will feature a lavender farm, near the house where Darcy grew up, but at the same time, we are also re-establishing a homestead. 


As a duo bringing together an architect and an event designer who share a love for the arts, and boundless creativity to match it, our long-term vision together for our new life at Bonniespring goes beyond the scope of farming alone. We hope in time to develop an agri-tourism destination and an event space that will answer the question, “what would a merger of art, architecture and agriculture look like?” We want to marry sustainability and aesthetics, in a harmonized, self-sustaining landcape. Until then, we will seek and learn from the wonderful community which already exists to support this type of project. We are learning as we go, and we want to share our questions, our discoveries, and our adventures with you. Please come along for the journey.