Introducing Blanche

We had another exciting new arrival this week! Mama Rose gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl named Blanche. In comparison to the previous birth we went through, when Sophia gave birth to Dorothy, this time it was easy. Rose is such a good mother, she stayed very calm, gave birth quickly, and then immediately started nursing! Blanche’s instinct to nurse must be much stronger than Dorothy’s because she was on her mother’s teat in about 5 minutes after wobbling around on four legs for the first time. She hasn’t stopped since!

rose and blanche after brith

Rose feeding her new baby, Blanche, shortly after giving birth.

Rose was always a bit smaller than Sophia, so we were wondering if her kids would be smaller as well. Judging by how well Blanche is nursing, she may end up surpassing her cousin Dorothy since she is getting lots of nutrition early on. Just like Dorothy, she is all black with pale blue eyes. Such a beautiful little angel!

keith and baby blanche

Keith and Baby Blanche.