Building a Bed for the Goats

This is officially our first DIY project, as we get ready to make a comfortable home for our cashmere goats, who we will be bringing home next week! Here Darcy is assembling the pieces we cut for a triangular-shaped corner raised goat bed. We found the project in a guide to raising goats by author Cheryl K. Smith.

darcy building the bed

Here Darcy is attaching the legs…

darcy attaches the legs

Here is Coco is inspecting Darcy’s work…

coco inspects darcys work

Coco approves. Now she will take it for a test drive (or in this case, a test nap).

coco on the bed

Here’s the bed with the backboard attached, in its new home in the barn. Now to add some straw, and some goats!

bed in place